Industry Education, a research and web portal development company, announced today they are recruiting software and hardware developers and IT professionals to apply to join their Editorial Advisory Board of technical experts.

Advisory Board members make recommendations based on their technical expertise regarding highly rated technical content (books, articles, videos, events, training, industry groups and online forums) that are assembled by technology topic into Education Center collections at the Developer Education website. These Education Centers allow software, hardware and IT professionals to quickly access the most valuable education resources for specific technologies in one place.

Advisory Board members are expected to be experienced software, hardware or IT professionals for one or more of the technologies featured at the Developer Education website. Advisory Board members will be featured at the Developer Education website, can gain exposure with technical peers as thought leaders on specific technologies and are eligible for additional benefits.

About Developer Education

Developer Education is a project launched by Industry Education LLC, a web portal development and market research company. The founders are technology and publishing industry veterans with a passion for enabling developers to access the resources they need in the most efficient way possible to keep current with the ever-evolving world of technology.

Developer Education is dedicated to saving developers time by aggregating highly rated technical content from leading publishers and technology companies into Education Centers. Technical books, articles, videos, events, training programs, industry groups and online technology forums are organized by technology topics such as Embedded Systems to form comprehensive continuing education resource guides for hardware, software and IT professionals.

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